I like Hillary. There I’ve said it. Excuse me, I have to go into hiding now.


Good evening friends. Although you might not think so after reading the title.
I know. I am risking life and limb by, well saying, you know, I like, a sleazy, lying bitch. But I do.

Isn’t that I nice thing to say? Unless of course if the person he shot would have voted for him. Then he lost one.

The reason I don’t care is that they all are.

You see, all women are sleazy lying bitches, well deep down even though we won’t admit it. So, I say, go girl. We all get away with it, so should you.

Please do not ask me what I have done to qualify. I’d have to lie and then someone would say, uh, no, man, she’s lying. Then, I’d have to try to cover it up because it’s bad to lie. Only it gets worse when you try to cover it up. Ask Martha Stewart.

See. Whether they did or didn’t do anything, or “get caught”, we have spent millions of dollars investigating them. Why? Couldn’t they spend it on something that might actually benefit us?

What I don’t understand, not really, is why no one is calling the men lying, sleazy bitches. okay. Not bitches. Bastards? No, we don’t want to insult their mothers because it’s clear how we just worship women.

Alright. Does anyone actually believe that someone who has either achieved great wealth or become a heavy hitter in politics, they have never lied, cheated, profited or made a dirty deal?

Be honest. Even if no one else is.

Given this fact. Let’s check out some others.

Everyone running for president of the United States is a liar and a cheat and at least one of them has had an extra-marital affair. Does the name Marla rings any bells?
That makes them equal in this area.
One candidate has a tremendous amount of experience in politics and understands how our government works. One does not.

Question. If you were hiring someone for a job in your house or business, and they were both equally qualified on question number one, would you choose the more experienced person? Or the one told you what you want to hear? Even though you know the person lies?
The sad part of this question is that you have to hire someone. And, these are your only two choices.

Of course, you could walk down fifth avenue and ask Donald to shoot you and get it over with.

Just saying.

PS.  If they would like to investigate me it would cost a lot less and it would end up with no indictment. So, let’s save the government money. I will volunteer because I’m a true patriot.

Thanks for reading.