whoops. We misplaced over 700k assorted guns in the Middle East. Maybe they’ll find my mind while they look for them.

umm, did you see any maw guns?



U.S. ‘Lost’ 700K+ Weapons in Middle East

The U.S. military lost track of hundreds of thousands of firearms it brought to Iraq and Afghanistan, according to a New York Times Magazine report. The Pentagon doesn’t even know exactly how many weapons it took to the two countries in the aftermath of the Sept. 11, 2001, terror attacks, and only about 48 percent of the best estimate can be accounted for in government records. Based on incomplete documents, it appears as though the Department of Defense provided at least 1.45 million firearms to forces in the two countries. That includes more than 978,000 assault rifles, about 266,000 pistols, and nearly 112,000 machine guns. About 700,000 of those weapons can be accounted for, and many of the rest are now regularly sold online in Iraq. The attempt to count these numbers has been led by author and former BBC journalist Iain Overton, The Times writes.





Okay. This one is really fun.  I don’t know about you , but when I was a kid if I misplaced my schoolbook I was in trouble. Or lost a library book? Hell no! Hell hath no fury like a mother paying for something her child lost or broke. I wouldn’t be able to sit for a week.  So how did this happen? I just thought I’d ask. There is no answer.

You lost a library book? No more dinner for you girl. Now go to your room and think of how you’re going to pay for it.


We need to get these weapons back or they may fall into the hands of the enemy. Oh. It looks like we’re a bit late for that.

It appears that it was 15 years ago when the weapons went overseas. Are they just noticing now, that they’ve gone missing?

slightly used weapons for sale. Please only bid if you have at least three positive feedback. Also. No name. transaction to be anonymous.

Well, they’re not ALL missing. Iraq is selling them online.

The simple solution appears to be, that we just need to buy them back. I wonder if they’re on  eBay. Nah. But what would I know? I usually keep track of my things.

Of course I don’t have a million of anything, so maybe I’m being overly critical. It must be tough doing inventory.




I would like to ask Trump to ask for a special investigation into the missing weapons. He’s someone who keeps track of millions of dollars and other stuff, so he is qualified to
ask. for an investigation.  Hell, maybe he can do the accounting too. He probably wouldn’t charge too much, because he loves America and wouldn’t rip us off.

Nancy had her psychic. I have my Eagle. He’s a true American.


thanks for reading.