My friend send me a Budweiser Commercial that was aired only after 9-11. It got me thinking.

It’s funny that the 9/11 disaster pulled us all together, and then ripped us apart within, what a year? We couldn’t hold it together as one nation. One group of people with a common soul.

Look at us now. Splintered into a million pieces and divided by a two party war.

Abraham Lincoln. Stated that “A house divided against itself will not stand.”

Well, Binn Laden got his dream. Instead of embracing each other we have become each others enemies. Our young men are still losing their lives, everyone is blaming someone else and I don’t know what to do about it.

We have a huge number of people in this country. Of course we will never agree on all the issues that we have to deal with. We have learned over the many years that we have existed.  Even our founding Fathers had differences of opinion.

It used to be that at least, during a war, we could pull together, put aside those differences and work as one unit.



Our boys who are dying and being maimed for this country haven’t had the chance to understand which “party” they might want to belong to. Their frontal lobes aren’t completely formed until the age of  25, so they really can’t make informed decisions.  They are too young.  And here they are, expecting to handle watching their friends blow up.

I’m doing another Digression. Sorry. I cry for every person who is involved in this tragedy.


At the same time that we are fighting a “War” overseas, we are also fighting each other. No one will reach across that invisible isle and say, “How can we really make our lives better”? The campaigns and candidates are  all about finding something to scare the voters , US  so they can win and have the power.


Politicians are ego maniacs. Most of them don’t give a crap about any of us. I don’t care who says what. The only thing they want is to win.


Binn Laden destroyed our economy when he destroyed the Towers. He hit Wall Street with that in mind.  Later, the aftermath made us haters. We hate anyone who doesn’t’ agree with us.  We hate people who don’t worship the same God as we do. We hate people who look different because of their race. We hate people who don’t speak English without an accent.


If someone in your family lineage wasn’t on a line like this, you must be a Native American.


Why? Because we’ve been told to. By who? Our “leaders”.  But are they really OURS?   It’s in their interest for us to fight amongst ourselves so we can’t see what’s in front of our eyes.

It doesn’t matter who wins any of the elections. You may think you “won” if your candidate does, but will anything actually change?

I doubt it. We lost it all when the Towers came down.


We had an opportunity to be great.

We messed up. Now, well, I can’t see the future, but I have a feeling that it’s not going to be pretty and the only thing that can save us is if we can learn to embrace our differences and tolerate them.

This house is divided. We will not be able to stand until we find a way to re-unite.

And, if you recall when Abraham Lincoln made that statement, we had the Civil War.

Here is hoping that we are not heading in a similar direction.


            Thanks, as always, for reading.