Title: A Blog without a theme is like a ship without a rudder. When I first started blogging, I had no idea what I was in for. I had no idea what I was doing. Not that I do now, but that should be fairly evident. I still like writing but the idea of the Blog’s name is really broad. Is that a good thing or a very bad thing?


My latest ridiculous theory:

A blog is supposed to have a unified theme and a target audience. However, you can still be successful, even if you don’t.



If you don’t have a unified theme and a target audience for your blog you can still find followers.


I have no idea what I’m talking about but believe you will find me and follow me anyway.

Research design:

Right now, I’m blowing in your virtual ears. You know that old saying, “Blow in my ear and I’ll follow you anywhere”? It’s from Dick Martin and the show was Laugh In. For you young’uns, it was something totally out of the box for the time. Not just the TV box. And here I go again. With yet another digression. [Maybe I should change the name to just another digression].

I don’t actually do research for most of my posts, because, well, they are so silly there isn’t any research. Or if there is, I’m too lazy because I hate research.

The reason for this section is simple. In one of my attempts to organize the blog, I decided that if it had a consistent template, that would help. Except that 80% of the time, I have no research design and sometimes, not even any facts. So now, I’m blowing smoke in your ears.

I would possibly have facts in the form of actual feedback from you, the reader. That’s why I am posting this blog in two places now, instead of just the one on Google where attempts to comment are mysteriously vanished into thin air when you press a button. Only two people were able to post there and I’ve no idea why, although Len has a theory. Go Len!


I now, write this on Word and paste in into each blog. Then, I have to find pictures and put them in one blog, and then copy them into the other.

If that weren’t enough, I was directed by WordPress to FB who wanted me to make an app. Somehow, shockingly, I couldn’t figure out how. Miraculously though it made a Dr. G’s Ridiculous etc. page on Facebook.

So, I now have three places to annoy people. I do apologize for that. If I could figure out one hosting site that did all the things I want, I could keep it to just one. And that was another digression. Damn. I guess my meds didn’t kick in yet.


This blogger has found that she is directionless. Only in my writing. I do lots of other things when I’m not sitting here.

I may not have a lot of followers, but according to Google + I’ve had over 54,000, I guess you could call them hits, on the blog, {or maybe it’s just my Google+ page, I don’t know,} which has been up since October 2016. I just did the math. With a calculator which unless I’m really off, would be 5 thousand a month? Is that possible? And I have over 30 actual followers.


Anyway. I think some of it is due to my posting pictures on one of Googles photography groups, which are thankfully amateurs like me so I don’t feel intimidated to put things up. Another digression. Even so, if someone has looked they have not stayed.

So, how does one get people to stay? That sounded pathetic. Like, I love him so much and he just won’t commit. Oh, Abbey, how do I get him to stay and say he loves me? And no. It’s 8:30 am and I am sober.




What I need to know, is what direction you would like me to take.


Maybe a different theme each week? (I’m so proud, I thought of that just now on my own). Maybe I could have a suggestion list from readers and write about them. The suggestions, not the readers. I’m not that dumb (yet).

Therefore. I conclude that it is your duty as my friend, acquaintance, relative, neighbor, associate, member of Facebook or the human race, to write to me with your opinions.


I did not use my actual name because I wanted some level of anonymity but my real email is unfortunately associated with the WordPress blog. And I couldn’t change it. So there. You have no more excuses. You can write comments and suggestions on very own website @ Drgsridiculoustheories.com


Dr. G’s Ridiculous Theories on BlogSpot although you’ll have to email them to me at drgsridiculoustheories@gmail.com

Or now

On Dr. G’s Ridiculous Theories Facebook page. You can do all the things you can do on FB. I think.

So. No more excuses. I appreciate all the thumbs up, but it’s not enough. When I go to the photography community, I don’t just like many of the pictures. I write a comment because I know that makes it more personal and the photographer gets to feel validated in a special way. And don’t we all want to feel special?

I do the same thing on FB when I have the time which is getting harder lately.

I know we all are, but sometimes it’s really nice to hear it from someone other than you family.



Thanks for reading.