Why Would anyone in their right mind call themselves “Ridiculous” ?


I was going to say that I don’t know why I started a blog, but then I remembered why.  I read Jenny Lawson’s book, Furiously Happy.  She has a blog and now she has two books, which I read.  I laughed so hard out loud because I couldn’t believe what I was reading. I tried to read some of it to my husband, but I couldn’t stop cracking up long enough for him to hear anything she’d written.

For those of you who don’t know her, she uses the term, if I remember correctly, mentally ill.  Anyway, as a psychologist who is also on meds for anxiety, depression and ADHD I was quite happy to see her “come out” if you will.

I used to tell my Introduction to Psychology course college students, that I was mentally ill, and my husband would get angry because he worries about me.

Hi. I’m Dr. G and I’m mentally ill.

” This class will be fun”. And actually, it was.  Oh that’s not me. I was only blonde once and it didn’t look well on my skin tone at all. So, I asked the girl to die it back to brown. I worked in a middle school then. The boys in my counseling groups, were, like, “why is your hair green?”  Well, there’s just no good answer for that. (because that’s what happened when she died it brown)? Well, no good, funny answer that I wouldn’t have been fired for. Last digression. Sorry.


This is ironic because when I lose my train of thought, I tell people it fell off the tracks.

Anyway, all of this is one of my usual digressions. I knew that I was no where near as funny as she, nor did I have the whacko stories she had. However, I did have lots of experience and knowledge that I wanted to share. And so I set out to figure out how to set up a blog.

I have no idea why this was under digressions, but I love pin ups.



I didn’t want to use my full, real name. I am after all, mentally ill and like most people, slightly paranoid. So, I thought that Dr. G was a good start.

The theories part was easy too. I can make up a reason for anything. I have been doing that, well, I can remember my first boyfriend saying something to me about it when I was 18. When I did what he thought was creating a theory that he thought was stupid, he would say “helicopter” so no one would no, except me, would know what he was referring to. I can’t remember the story, but I said something about helicopters that he thought was, let’s wait for it, probably ridiculous. And so he latched on to that word to stand for my being, ——–ridiculous.

There is nothing simple about logic. Trust me. I was supposed to teach critical thinking and I was so confused that we watched movies half the time.

Well, I don’t know about you, but I don’t like being thought of, or being called stupid. Ridiculous is in the same ball park only in some ways it’s worse. Like, if you don’t have intelligence, you may well be, and I hate the word, so I’ll say, not smart. So if you say something, and you don’t know any better and shouldn’t be judged on it. That’s just plain mean.

Ridiculous implies something more. Like stupid, foolish, outlandish and you should know better. Therefore, if I were called ridiculous, I’d be hurt and embarrassed.

All these years later, I have a slightly different perspective. At least I thought I did. However, I found that sometimes I’m afraid to tell people I know about the blog because if they do look at it, they’ll think I’m

  • stupid
  • ridiculous
  • nuts
  • paranoid
  • all over the place
  • moronic
  • grammatically incorrect
  • etc.

So, I am still apparently embarrassed by my ideas. Posting them on a blog, where people wouldn’t know me, well that’s okay then. Isn’t it? Because if I don’t know you and you don’t know me, who cares?

And so, I chose the word “Ridiculous” because it gave me license to be foolish, irreverent, crazy, real, and most of all, me, without the judgement.

that is not me. she’s a famous woman, maybe designer and she’s near 90. pretty cool.

So that’s it. I am a ridiculous woman. I am also an intelligent, attractive, older, wise, daring, wild, shy, married, funny, cynical, irreverent, artistic, creative, frightened, enlightened and not totally adjective challenged person, who is willing to put herself out there.

And that is why the blog is called Dr. G’s Ridiculous Theories.

PS. I have so many pseudonyms on line that I may develop multiple personality disorder. I’d say you’ll know if it happens, but if I won’t know, how would you? hmm. Something else to think about. That’s it.

                                 Thanks for Reading.