The Psychology of Denial & Rationalization. Not a very sexy title, but it’s really a good topic.


I received a comment yesterday, about a past post I’d written about personality traits. The person wanted a follow up because there was so much more to understand and learn.

I don’t know exactly what focus the asker wanted more insight into. Since I already wanted to do a piece on denial I figured why not give it a go. I had tried to write one quite a while back, but I just couldn’t get it the way I wanted, so I gave up.

Here’s to second chances. {And long explanations. It’s who I am and what I do and it’s necessary so that I can explain everything.} Ps. this could be a mechanism called rationalization. That’s where I tell you the reason for something. The reason is true, but, it’s covering for something else that I’m not aware of.



Threatening situations tend to produce anxiety. This unpleasant state can lead to emotion focused coping that is defensive in nature.   Psychodynamic psychologists have identified various defense strategies that allow us to reduce anxiety caused by stressful situations, or our own shortcomings.


Denial is one of many defense mechanisms that each of us has, but are usually unaware of. So let’s start with some definitions.*


Any mental process used to avoid, deny or distort sources of threat or anxiety, especially threats to one’s self-image. Many of these defenses were discovered by Freud who assumed they operate unconsciously. Often they create blind spots in awareness.



Defenses are very important. Who could function while being aware of every awful thing that goes on around us?

As children, we develop coping skills that help us deal with the uncertainties and difficulties in our lives. This is a normal aspect of development. It only becomes problematic when these defenses are taken into adulthood and are no longer necessary and create difficulties.



This is one of the most basic, and earliest defense to develop. It is used to protect oneself from an unpleasant reality by refusing to accept it or believe it. And when it sets in, you cannot perceive it. It’s like a magician waved a magic wand and it disappeared.

The examples the books use, in my opinion, are not helpful enough, because as in the hearing of someone’s death, or getting terrible results back from a medical test, our first reaction is denial. No, that can’t be. However, these usually have to be replaced by reality at some point.

We have all no doubt had an experience with this. The difference here is that we do ultimately have to accept it because it is a tangible reality.

So how do we deal with things that aren’t so tangible? We can deny something for our entire lives. It can be dancing in front of our face and we don’t see it. Other people do, and they may actually tell us whatever it is they see. We, however, don’t believe them.

The easiest example would be a cheating spouse. I’ll mix things up and say it’s the wife. She’s having an affair. Her husband is in denial. He believes that she works late. He believes that she is going on business trips. Other people may see her with another man and even tell her husband. He will make excuses that he believes. He has to. The anxiety and pain that he would deal with if he could admit it to himself are so strong that it is easier and safer to just not see.

It is, in some way like being deaf, dumb and blind to whatever it is your psyche can’t handle.

Some parents are abusive to their children. Sometimes they single one out and are great to the rest. Don’t ask me why. I don’t know. I do know that it does occur. Often, the child who is being abused goes into denial. Remember, we develop it to protect the self. The child loves the parents, is dependent on them and cannot allow himself to see the hurtful things they do. This can go on for an entire lifetime. It doesn’t have to stop when the child grows up.

Actually, the child may pick an abusive partner, because this is what they believe “love” is. Friends see the bad behavior and tell you. And you tell them they don’t understand. He loves me. It’s just his way of showing it. What I’ve just described could be called a maladjusted defense. It’s doing more harm than good.

I decided I’m going to throw in “rationalization” because I’ve already mentioned it, and two is better than one.

Rationalization is making excuses. It justifies personal actions by giving “rational” explanations, but false reasons for them. Sometimes we are aware of what we are doing. Then it’s more like lying to save our skins.


We often believe that we are telling the truth. “The paper was due today, but I couldn’t get access to a computer until last night and there was power failure so I don’t have it”.

That all may be true. Except, if the person was assigned the paper three weeks ago, doing it at the last minute is not good management.



There are at least a dozen defenses that help us through life. As long as they do the job of protecting us when we need or needed the protection, it’s okay.

The problems happen when they do their jobs to well.

Since pretty much everyone from my family is deceased, it won’t be giving away any secrets to tell my parents story.

My parent’s story:

Mom was an overweight, girl with glasses and buck teeth. Already you have a negative impression of her. She was also very bright and had two younger sisters who teased her mercilessly. I don’t know what other things added to her lack of self-esteem, but those issues happened were fairly early in her life, and the early things usually have the greatest impact. And much to my dismay, are the things we can’t usually remember. That’s WRONG!

She grew up, dieted (always had beautiful hair) and from pictures I’ve seen of her, didn’t look so bad. In her High School Year Book they referred to her as the girl with the Colgate Smile. Both her sisters married before she did, and both married well. An engineer and a psychiatrist. She worked and waited.

Mom finally married at age 28, to a 30 year old, very handsome, divorced man who already had a ten year old daughter. His first marriage was at age 18.

His dad was a tyrant and his mother was chronically depressed. He was also the oldest of three siblings. However, his younger sibs looked up to him. He dropped out of middle school and hitch hiked cross country with a friend instead of going to school. He was bright, but also emotionally damaged.

In any event, if I recall, my mom said she married him because he was the first to ask. (That may have been true, but he was also handsome and charming which most likely boosted her own esteem.) I’m not saying that she didn’t love him or that he didn’t love her. It was not healthy love.

He chased her for two years before they married. She was a step up for him. Educated and a professional. He was a salesman. Shoes, Chow Mein, whatever.


my mom and dad and grandmother


What was it that my mother wouldn’t see? I’ll stick to the main one. Skirt Chasing. He couldn’t stay faithful to his girlfriends, much less his wife.

And he worked late and played cards and had all kinds of reasons for not being home. And she bought them. She had to. She believed that she couldn’t make it on her own with two kids, so she went into denial.

My sister died when I was 14 and she was 17. The marriage deteriorated after that. My dad’s behavior just kept getting worse. He actually had to not come home twice in one week for my mom to finally confront him. He wanted out but wasn’t man enough to leave.

The rationalization comes later. I had asked why she stayed so long, knowing that she wasn’t happy and with the denial broken, she could say that she knew some of it.

She stayed because of us kids. That’s often true and real.

However, I found out from one of her good friends, that when they were first married, they’d gone away with another couple for the week end. My dad had met another woman, and left my mom with her friends to be with her.

Whoa. No kids yet. What the F—? I never told her I knew. Either she would have denied it, or it would have hurt her, so I let it be. Except for me. I could not understand how anyone would accept that unless they were so damaged that they didn’t know they had a choice. And I guess that’s what she was.



Defense mechanisms are necessary for survival. They help us cope with the struggles and traumas of life.

There are, however, times when these coping skills hurt us rather than help us. And if you’re the individual with the problem, you won’t be able to see it or hear about it unless or until you are ready.


I am sure you know people with the kids of issues and problems I’ve describe. Friends who stay with partners who drink too much, spend too much, cheat, lie, whatever it is you see, but somehow they don’t.

Being a good friend, you may have pointed some of this out. If you pushed, you may have lost a friend. Or maybe just irritated them.

The thing is, that we need those defenses to survive, even when they are maladaptive. You can’t strip away a person’s outer shell without leaving them naked. And you do not want to be responsible for leaving a person with their soul naked.

So, you may just have to accept the fact that your mother, brother, sister, child or friend is not capable of seeing the things you do. You see them being hurt and you want to help. But you can’t. If you can understand and be there for them, well, that’s great. If what they are doing is hurting you too, the maybe you have to be the one to say adios.

You probably think your “whomever” is really stupid. You can’t understand. And maybe, just maybe, you too are in denial about something and can’t see it at all.

I saw this saying somewhere and I fell in love with it. And now, of course am not sure exactly how it goes. So this will have to do. It kind of sums this up nicely.


Thanks for reading.


How do we really know anyone in the Public Eye? Or for that matter, anyone, including ourselves?

News Articles? Speeches? Interview? Gossip?


I can’t believe I couldn’t find an old image of a Walters Cosby interview.


We all know that gossip is a bad thing, but somehow it seems to be a part of human nature.

Gossip is probably as old as we are as a species. What purpose could it have survived for our survival?

I question things like this because of my belief in evolutionary biology and psychology for the survival of our species.

I suppose, when we lived either in caves or small nomadic groups, we were highly insulated from each other. Except when food was scarce and we went into someone else’s territory. At least that was war for actual survival. We definitely needed to be wary of strangers.

I don’t know how small or large an actual tribe may have been. So, I can make up “facts”. They could have ranged from 10 to 1,000 men, women and children. But the numbers don’t matter. The behavior of the people in them does.

Here are some ideas about people in groups.

  1. Trust is an important part of living in a group. You need to know that everyone has your back. Possibly, the smaller the group, the more true that is.
  2. Every group needs a leader. Without plans and strategies you can’t survive.
  3. Leaders have power. Power is desirable to certain people.
  4. In order to obtain power, a person must show dominance.
  5. Secrets are weak spots. All of us have secrets. That makes us vulnerable.
  6. Secrets are hard to keep. The only way a secret can be kept, is if two people know about it, and one of them is dead.

  1. People trade secrets like currency. It is a way to obtain intimacy. This is what gossip is.
  2. People are jealous creatures and maybe want some power of their own.


I’m having trouble writing this.

I want to put it into my theory and hypothesis format, but whenever I’m writing sounds too stilted, or formal and isn’t going where I want it to. It’s not writers block, more like Writers River. It meanders without going to a destination.

So, I’ll forget format, and write what I’m thinking. Trust me, it will be easier on you. LOL.

Another digression.*

I remember the old movie, called Blaze. Blaze was played by Lolita Davidovich and Paul Newman played Earl Long, Governor of Louisiana.

Blaze’s mama’s advice to Blaze on leaving home was, “RUN -when any man says, “trust me”. Since then, I can’t help but notice when someone uses that expression, and I ask myself “why would they need to tell me that?”

She was absolutely beautiful. She still looks damned good.

So it doesn’t matter if you do or you don’t trust me. {Meandering river}.



Gossip is usually accepted as truth. Especially when people want to believe something negative, particularly about someone they don’t like. Gossip is a tool used by people who want power, to enhance their own image and use it in their quest for dominance. Or to ruin the person in power so someone else can get it.



In modern society, gossip is a multimillion dollar industry. It needs not to be based on facts. People in power use gossip to manipulate the feelings of people in their society. If I want to ruin someone, I will release secrets to the press and manipulate the way the “facts” are presented.


I think that’s about as close to what I want to say as I’m going to get.



The media is currently biased. It can be conservative, liberal, neocon, leftist, right-wing and downright nuts.


I know I’m biased and opinionated. That was what editorials used to be for. The news used to be told with facts. Of course, no matter who looks at these “facts,” will be the one able to determine what to use or discard, so the media was probably only slightly less biased back in the olden days. And there were unwritten rules about what they could and could not write about, including who they could not write certain things about. I.e. No one was ever going to write about the extra marital affairs of our presidents. That sure changed.



I know it’s not just Americans. People all around the globe develop heroes and villains.


Since we have no “royalty” in the states, we have created our own class system. Actors, Singers, Rappers, Tappers, Sportsmen (and some Sportswomen), Writers, Broadcasters, People who are famous for being famous (LOL), Murderers, Conmen, and an assortment of all kinds are reported about.

Mark Twain once said that the only thing worse than being gossiped about, was not being gossiped about. I guess that goes with there’s no such thing as bad publicity.



O.J. Lance Armstrong Daryl Strawberry Kobe Bryant   Mike Tyson   Jessica Simpson Rob Lowe   Robert Downey Jr.

Bill Cosby Mel Gibson Thomas Gibson Johnny Depp

Winona Ryder   Martha Stewart   Imelda Marcos Amber Heard

Kate Moss   Lindsey Lohan Whitney Houston   Little Kim

Chris Brown Too Pak Shakur Angelina Jolie Billy Bob Thornton

Nicole Brown Simpson   Pete Rose Barry Bonds Tom Cruise

John Travolta     Justin Bieber Michael Vick Mark McGuire

Alex Rodriguez Josh Duggar and anyone you remember that I don’t.

Digression* I wanted to make a list of names and then put them into a kind of rhyme, like Billy Joel did with “We didn’t start the Fire”. This is why people like me don’t finish things quickly. Sidetracks. Or, as, I’d like to call them Sidetraps.



Now might be a good time.




People in power. People we admire. Those are usually people who have influence over us.

Looking at the above list you’ll see many sports heroes, movie stars, fashion icons, TV personalities and some musicians. [Remember my memory is poor so don’t feel offended if I left out someone you know is important].

People who are famous because of a talent or skill, which we, the ordinary individual don’t have. Or maybe we do, but just never got famous for it.

As “leaders” of some kind, we admire and look up to them. Remember the term “hero worship”?

They may have those talents and abilities, but they are still human beings. Maybe because they made it and we didn’t, we want them to be better. At everything.

And, maybe, just maybe, some of us are jealous of some of them. After all, they seem to have it all. Beauty, success, money, fame and all the things that come along with it.



They each have a personality just like we do. It’s individual to them and we don’t know what it is. We really don’t know anything about them except for what we see and hear about their non-work lives, from the media. And it’s the media’s job to make money. Damn, it usually comes down to that, right?

So, if you can get a photo of someone topless, or get some good gossip, you put it out there. I will assume that the more reputable outlets at least try to verify what they tell us. But, does it matter? Once you hear it, you can’t un-hear it.


Question. If you are a public person, are you not entitled to a private life?

I don’t have the answer. It is a controversial question. I waver back and forth on it myself.

I do know, that I would not like all my vulnerabilities known to everyone I know. You could tell the world, but only people who know me would be interested.

But if everyone knows you, then everyone is interested.

{You may have noticed that I’ve let politicians out of this. That’s another category on its own.}

Do we need to know if Jennifer Anniston is pregnant? Or why someone is getting a divorce? Or who is cheating on their spouse, or if they’re gay? No. It’s none of our business.


This is a little bit of a greyer area. People can make all sorts of allegations. They may or may not be true. It would be nice if we didn’t find out about these allegations about illegal activity until criminal charges were filed. Although the rich and famous don’t often get charged. I could go off on a sidetrap on that, but maybe I’ll remember to blog on it.

I’m thinking about Bill Cosby. That’s a heart breaker. Worshipped and adored and all the while, he’s drug raping women. That’s unreal. A man with real power so the women were afraid to talk. Or they were paid to shut up. This is a crime.

Then, Michael Jackson. Was he or wasn’t he? Did he or didn’t he? Nothing was proven in any trial, but we all took sides and believed, one way or the other. The crime here, is that since nothing was proven we should have accepted the court’s decision. Something else to think about is how once your name has been sullied, you have real trouble trying to get it clean again.

Johnny Depp. Is he a wife beater? Or maybe an alcoholic who beats his wife when he’s drunk? Does that make him a better or worse actor? As a person, well, that’s a different story. Does he get paid to be a person or an actor?


DO I HAVE A POINT?        

Yup. I do. We hold people on pedestals to higher standards. That isn’t fair. They’re really just people. Except, maybe, since they chose to be famous or were lucky enough to become “someone” who is in the public eye, it is fair.

The probability is that once we know who they are as people, we are bound to be disappointed. Not because they are bad. They just aren’t who we would like them to be. Or imagined them to be. Or needed them to be.

A somewhat different issue is that I believe that all people who commit criminal acts should suffer the consequences. I also believe that gossip about who’s cheating on whom, who is a cheap bastard, who is ugly without makeup, well that’s none of anyone’s business. I don’t look so hot when I get up in the morning either. I don’t cheat, although I may occasionally lust in my heart, like Jimmy Carter. I’m not cheap but I am moody and even though I love my friends, I don’t call them. That’s bad. And since it doesn’t affect you, do you care? Then why would you care if I said the same things about Meryl Streep?

CONCLUSION:     (finally)

People who live in glass house shouldn’t throw stones. People who live in rubber houses shouldn’t throw anything because it will bounce back and hit them. {I made up that last one. I hope it made sense.}

And finally. Don’t believe everything you see or hear. It may just be someone trying to manipulate you. I am. I’m trying to open your mind. I hope that’s okay. If not. Just ignore me. My husband does.




                                            Thanks for Reading.








Those of you who have following me for a while, know that my short term memory, well sucks.


something I haven’t done in over 40 years


People and experts wrote that it would return if I did exercises.

Well, it hasn’t returned.

So I went to a store and said, I want my short term memory back.


They asked me if I had a receipt. I said “no”.


And they told me I was shit out of luck.

Fortunately for them, I can’t remember what store it was, or I’d go back and sue.






Who remembers the last honest president of the United States?

It was Jimmy Carter. It wasn’t really that long ago. Surely both Donald and Hillary remember him. Hell, they must have met him. And if you recall, things did not go so well with Dr. Carter at the helm.

Why do I bring this up now?

It seems that our candidates are both very dishonest, and each one keeps on telling us that we can’t trust the other one. And that is a reason not to vote for their opponent.


So, my question is, what has honesty got to do with being a good ruler?

Theory: We hold our public servants up to standards that they cannot possibly fulfill because we want someone who is better than we are to rule.

This makes sense. I would not make a good leader. Well, not of that many people. And we should want someone who is capable of ruling. But what requirements do they need?


HYPOTHESIS: Today, I don’t give a rat’s ass. We all aren’t honest, faithful, generous nor many of the other qualities that we demand from our candidates. So why the fuck are we buying into all this shit?

I believe it was Jesus who said “Let he among you who is without sin, cast the first stone.”





Look inside your hearts. Why do you bear such animosity towards the candidate you don’t want? Is it possible to clear out the emotions and think with a rational mind at the choice you have to make?

We may not have the choices we would want. However, we are at the moment stuck with them. So.

This is a really important decision. Please think about it. Make lists of pros and cons for each person. That often helps. List what you want to the President to do. How likely is it, that the person will actually do what they say. Not because of honesty. But because of what is or isn’t actually possible.

Yes, I have a preference. No. I am not asking you to see things my way.


I’m just asking you to really, really look inside your hearts, as I am doing, because this time, the decision is more important than ever.






Take out the mudslinging and ask. Who has the qualifications to lead a country? Hell, what are the qualifications to lead a country?


And so, so , so much more. But this was what I found.



That’s about all I am going to say. Thank you for reading.


P.S. Thanks to my husband who brought up Jimmy Carter and the issue of honesty. He’s the reason for this post. Thanks sweet man.



































whoops. We misplaced over 700k assorted guns in the Middle East. Maybe they’ll find my mind while they look for them.

umm, did you see any maw guns?



U.S. ‘Lost’ 700K+ Weapons in Middle East

The U.S. military lost track of hundreds of thousands of firearms it brought to Iraq and Afghanistan, according to a New York Times Magazine report. The Pentagon doesn’t even know exactly how many weapons it took to the two countries in the aftermath of the Sept. 11, 2001, terror attacks, and only about 48 percent of the best estimate can be accounted for in government records. Based on incomplete documents, it appears as though the Department of Defense provided at least 1.45 million firearms to forces in the two countries. That includes more than 978,000 assault rifles, about 266,000 pistols, and nearly 112,000 machine guns. About 700,000 of those weapons can be accounted for, and many of the rest are now regularly sold online in Iraq. The attempt to count these numbers has been led by author and former BBC journalist Iain Overton, The Times writes.





Okay. This one is really fun.  I don’t know about you , but when I was a kid if I misplaced my schoolbook I was in trouble. Or lost a library book? Hell no! Hell hath no fury like a mother paying for something her child lost or broke. I wouldn’t be able to sit for a week.  So how did this happen? I just thought I’d ask. There is no answer.

You lost a library book? No more dinner for you girl. Now go to your room and think of how you’re going to pay for it.


We need to get these weapons back or they may fall into the hands of the enemy. Oh. It looks like we’re a bit late for that.

It appears that it was 15 years ago when the weapons went overseas. Are they just noticing now, that they’ve gone missing?

slightly used weapons for sale. Please only bid if you have at least three positive feedback. Also. No name. transaction to be anonymous.

Well, they’re not ALL missing. Iraq is selling them online.

The simple solution appears to be, that we just need to buy them back. I wonder if they’re on  eBay. Nah. But what would I know? I usually keep track of my things.

Of course I don’t have a million of anything, so maybe I’m being overly critical. It must be tough doing inventory.




I would like to ask Trump to ask for a special investigation into the missing weapons. He’s someone who keeps track of millions of dollars and other stuff, so he is qualified to
ask. for an investigation.  Hell, maybe he can do the accounting too. He probably wouldn’t charge too much, because he loves America and wouldn’t rip us off.

Nancy had her psychic. I have my Eagle. He’s a true American.


thanks for reading.

I like Hillary. There I’ve said it. Excuse me, I have to go into hiding now.


Good evening friends. Although you might not think so after reading the title.
I know. I am risking life and limb by, well saying, you know, I like, a sleazy, lying bitch. But I do.

Isn’t that I nice thing to say? Unless of course if the person he shot would have voted for him. Then he lost one.

The reason I don’t care is that they all are.

You see, all women are sleazy lying bitches, well deep down even though we won’t admit it. So, I say, go girl. We all get away with it, so should you.

Please do not ask me what I have done to qualify. I’d have to lie and then someone would say, uh, no, man, she’s lying. Then, I’d have to try to cover it up because it’s bad to lie. Only it gets worse when you try to cover it up. Ask Martha Stewart.

See. Whether they did or didn’t do anything, or “get caught”, we have spent millions of dollars investigating them. Why? Couldn’t they spend it on something that might actually benefit us?

What I don’t understand, not really, is why no one is calling the men lying, sleazy bitches. okay. Not bitches. Bastards? No, we don’t want to insult their mothers because it’s clear how we just worship women.

Alright. Does anyone actually believe that someone who has either achieved great wealth or become a heavy hitter in politics, they have never lied, cheated, profited or made a dirty deal?

Be honest. Even if no one else is.

Given this fact. Let’s check out some others.

Everyone running for president of the United States is a liar and a cheat and at least one of them has had an extra-marital affair. Does the name Marla rings any bells?
That makes them equal in this area.
One candidate has a tremendous amount of experience in politics and understands how our government works. One does not.

Question. If you were hiring someone for a job in your house or business, and they were both equally qualified on question number one, would you choose the more experienced person? Or the one told you what you want to hear? Even though you know the person lies?
The sad part of this question is that you have to hire someone. And, these are your only two choices.

Of course, you could walk down fifth avenue and ask Donald to shoot you and get it over with.

Just saying.

PS.  If they would like to investigate me it would cost a lot less and it would end up with no indictment. So, let’s save the government money. I will volunteer because I’m a true patriot.

Thanks for reading.






Economics is a tool to fool the general public into believing that their governments actually know how to run a country.


The subject of economics was created to give the illusion that people can be in control of their finances because the government has the interests of its citizens at heart.



I don’t understand economics. I took a course in my undergraduate studies in one of those huge lecture halls where I didn’t know anyone, or anything. After a while, I was so lost, I gave up. Don’t judge. I was 19 years old. I went to class because if I didn’t, I’d get in trouble. You were only allowed three absences, so my body was there. I don’t know where I left my mind.

Shockingly, I did not do well on the midterm. I remember was that I had to get a 74 on the final in order to pass. I wasn’t totally stupid. I knew this would be a tough class, so, I had taken it as pass/fail. The college allowed you two pass/fails in your four years. I had never failed a class in my life. And if I had gotten a D, it was in that math/logic course. Although I’m pretty sure I somehow managed to eke out a C. Anyway, to keep my index (grade point average) from suffering, I decided this was where I’d take the pass. It kind of sounds like a game show these days, but trust me, it wasn’t even.

For the first time in my life, I knew that the only way I could possibly pass was to cheat. (I’m still embarrassed that I did this, but I couldn’t have handled failure back then.) The old lecture halls were such that you could see the desk/chair of the person sitting next to you or right below you. I figured they had to know more than I. So that was my plan. Obviously the teacher had enough experience to know there were students like me in the course, so she had two tests prepared. Holy Crap. I had to figure out who had the same test I did and was in close enough in proximity to copy.

Long story short, I had to copy from the person who was sitting one row down and two seats over. Well, at least my vision was better back then, but it wasn’t easy and it was my only shot.

The Kicker! I did get exactly 74, and the person I copied from, got a 72. Apparently, a higher power was rooting for me and I miscopied a wrong answer into a right one.

This has little to do with what I’m going to write about. Those of you who follow me, are prepared for these digressions.

It does prove my statement that I know nothing about economics. Do you believe me now?



Obviously, I am not qualified to make any statements about this. However, that has never stopped me from giving an opinion before, and it’s not going to stop me now.


The short answer is no. I believe, that only a handful of people truly do. They are the ones who run the world. They also have made economic theory so confusing that the rest of us don’t have any idea as to what is really going on. Sorry Allan. Not even our accountants.

However, in the past, some of it was fairly simple. Like the law of supply and demand. Has that changed? I doubt it. At the present time, they just like to ignore it.


Please explain to me why companies like Starbucks, K-Mart, the Gap, Macy’s, Borders Books, Barnes and Noble, Office Depot, Walgreen’s, 7-Elven and Target, to name a few, kept expanding? I can’t remember all of them, but they kept building new stores in the same neighborhoods. My friends and I would ask, “Like what is wrong with them? Do they think we can support this many –blankety blank, stores?”

Somewhere in each of those companies, the economic genius had formulas as to: how many people lived in the area, how much money they made, how far they would drive and whatever else they needed to figure out if another store could be supported.

Obviously, if they’d have asked us, we would have told them “like, what?” and perhaps some of them might still be in business, or have not built stores only to close them down and fire the employees.


Beats the hell out of me. Unless failing was their plan. Huh? That doesn’t make any sense at all. Greed? Well, that makes sense, but it still doesn’t account for how the formulas failed and they had to close up so many stores or go out of business. That must have hurt. Yeah, but who?


The people who are now out of work. What happens to all the people who had jobs and then, poof, they’re gone. And if you check the unemployment data, you’ll know it’s pretty bad. As far as I can tell, the large construction companies were the only ones who made out. But, that would be the people at the top in management, because I know a lot of guys who actually WORK construction, and they can’t get enough employment.


I love our government. They’re like, “It’s the Democrats fault that the economy isn’t growing. They just don’t understand economics”. So the Republican’s blame the Democrats for ruining the economy, by giving poor people money and wanting to raise taxes, instead of giving business the laws to do what they want, and let the money trickle down.”

I’m not sure whose pockets the money trickled into, but I’m guessing it wasn’t yours.


Both parties are saying they are going to fix it. Of course when I say “government” I am referring to the two delightful parties that are BOTH responsible for the mess we find ourselves in. And they even have the gall to want us to believe that they can fix it. I’m guessing that they have as good an understanding of economics as I do.

And that is accounting for their “economic advisors.” The same ones who no doubt told K-Mart to keep expanding.


Another Digression:

After I had graduated from college, I still wanted to learn. It was probably around 1972 when I took a course in my neighborhood in a continuing ed. program. I can’t remember the name of the class and I’m pretty sure I didn’t finish it, but I did read the book, Wages, Price and Profit by Karl Marx.

What I remember of it, {which isn’t that much}, is his point about profit and how it would be the death of capitalism.

He wrote about how companies believed that they must keep at least a certain profit margin to be doing well and growing. This is not true. You can have a small margin, you don’t have to keep growing and you can be flexible in your goals. That seems to make sense.

If you don’t even try to listen to the news{ like I try not to listen, since it only riles me up}, you still manage to hear that there has been no growth in the economic index (whatever that is) and that such and such company did not meet their projections for growth during the last fiscal period.

What Exactly Does that mean?

Let’s put on our thinking caps boys and girls. How much profit do you need to make? Beats me. And where does that profit go? Well, probably to the big salaries the bosses make and maybe if they are traded on the market, to shareholders. On the surface, if you are the head of the company or a big shareholder, that’s a good deal. If you’re not? Then what.  

We all know the answer to that one. Massive layoffs. No jobs. Unhappy people. Angry people. A people divided. Do you remember when AT & T fired over 40,000 employees because they weren’t doing well, but gave their CEO, I think, a 40 million dollar bonus? Yeah. Its times like these that I think Karl wasn’t quite so crazy.



This is where I actually get to my point. Yee Ha!!

They cannot. If we look back at history, we see that every civilization has had a rise and a fall. And I believe that is part of the nature of the Universe.

Any living thing has a limited period of growth and then a decline. And we know what happens after decline, but I’m not going to say it here.


yay. Where does the guy on top go?


Nothing can keep on growing. It is ridiculous to expect it to. (There’s my favorite word). Again, I will try to use plain logic. I’m trying to think of an example. I’ll need a minute and my husband is asleep so I can’t ask for help.

Let’s try this one. It is ridiculous, but let’s imagine that you can’t actually see it because you’re blind, you know like in total denial. Okay?

You own a boat building business that supplies boats to the town along the lake. Imagine no other towns, no other lakes, and no other people than those already there. You’re a fairly isolated community.

Your goal is to build as many boats as you can, so you can be very rich. So you build your boats and you sell them to the people in town because they need to go out on the lake to get around. Business is booming and you are making more boats than you thought possible. There is no competing factory. Lucky you. Now, more than half the people in town are working for you to build the boats because of supply and demand, and now you’re the only industry there and the people who live in town need money to live. Also, they’d still like to buy a boat. The American Dream. The town depends on your for its existence.

Now, let’s imagine this story to its end. Everyone in town, now has a boat. Okay, almost everyone. There is no longer any room for them to go very far on the lake because of the congestion.

Since no one needs any more boats, you keep laying people off because you can’t afford their salaries. What do they do? There are no other businesses for them to work at any more. They would sell the only expensive item they own, but it’s a boat and everyone already has one.

You, the boat builder, may still well have a lot of money from when business was good, but there is very little left in town for you to spend it on. And now, people have the nerve to be asking you for money. Just because you have it.

Maybe one morning everyone gets up and finds that you has abandoned the town. Took your money and ran. Who could blame you? The town is dead.

They boarded up the windows of the closed shops and try and figure out what to do now.

I’ll end here. You get the idea. And actually. I see where I got the idea without even knowing it. Isn’t it great how the unconscious works?

Norwich CT. was a two industry town. One of them was called Electric Boat. The town was right next door to Groton CT, where the nuclear subs were stored and maybe built. Who remembers.

Anyway, when peace with Russia came, no one needed more submarines and electric boat folded. And so did the little town of Norwich because more than half the people made their livings there.

My mom and her two sisters lived in Norwich, so I remember a bit about what happened.



Let’s face it. Our economies, and I’m speaking for most of the entire Earth at this moment, are unlikely to experience any major growth spurts that are going to help us.

When the politicians tell us they can fix this, well, maybe they can fix it for the already rich. They sure as hell aren’t going to be able to do anything for the struggling middle class, nor the already extremely poor.

What happens when you have something that grows aggressively? It ultimately destroys itself. If you don’t agree, think about cancer.

In our society, we have the “Haves” and the “Have Nots”. Are the “Haves” willing to give to the “Have Nots”? You know their answers.

We “Have” because we worked hard, and made sacrifices and if you work hard, you too can be a “Have”. It you’re a “Have Not”, you’re to blame. You didn’t try hard enough, work hard enough, struggle enough so it’s your fault. Or maybe it’s because you’re an immigrant and don’t speak English. Sorry. I had to throw that in.

Why should the government give you money when it’s your fault that you don’t have any?

Okay. Let’s go back a step and see why they don’t have any. You Fuckers have to keep your profit margins high and keep growing so you keep laying off workers and then there are no customers for your services or products so you lay off more people.


The people, at least in America are so desperate that they are willing to believe any bullshit you throw at them.

Does anyone have the courage to say that this is a problem that maybe we can’t fix?

I do. But then, I’d never want to be a part of the government. For obvious reasons. Although I am qualified. I cheated on a test.





Thank You for Reading. I know. This was a LONG one.

Mr. Robot. Another review, another point of view. Oh. if you don’t know. It’s a TV series.

that was me. long ago. laughing. I should be doing that soon.


I accidentally erased all the photos I had put in to the other blog. I decided that this one was one I wanted to post on both sites. Thankfully, at least the actual post had been written on word, so I still had it.  You’ll need your imagination for this. And, it’s probably best because some of the phot

If you haven’t been watching the TV show, Mr. Robot, I’m going to paste in a Wiki synopsis so you will have some idea of where my theory is coming from, and there will be a spoiler or two, so if you intend to watch it, don’t read on. You can read my conclusion though. I don’t think it will affect what the show does or doesn’t do.


Mr. Robot is an American drama–thriller television series created by Sam Esmail. It stars Rami Malek as Elliot Alderson, a cybersecurity engineer and hacker who suffers from social anxiety disorder and clinical depression. Alderson is recruited by an insurrectionary anarchist known as “Mr. Robot”, played by Christian Slater, to join a group of hacktivists. The group aims to cancel all debts by attacking the large corporation E Corp.


Last season, we found out that Elliot was, more than a bit depressed. He’s paranoid with dissociative identity disorder along with a host of other mental illnesses.

I told my husband my “theory” and he suggested I go online to see if anyone else thought the way I did. The answer is, I didn’t find any that were even close.

The most prevalent theories are that Elliot and what we see happening, are all going on in his mind. Some posit that he’s in prison, others that he’s in a mental institution. All of which make sense given what we’ve seen happen in the show. However, he may not be, and we may be seeing something that is happening. And for my idea, it makes no difference.



Some things that will help you understand why I’m thinking the way I am.

I write theories because I have a strong need to understand things. It’s part of my nature, and as a psychologist, it was part of my job.

In my case, as with many other people, understanding something has to do with control.

Humans like to believe that if we know the cause of something, or understand it, we can have control over it. Of course this isn’t true because the only thing we can control is ourselves. But the illusion is important.

The reason people have been divining reasons for things since the beginning of time, is based on fear. At least that’s my take on it. If we can find a reason, we can control it and then we don’t have to be so afraid.

Just look at ancient primitive cultures. They had no explanation for a seasons or much else. So, for example, when they were without rain they came up with the concept that deities controlled the natural world and if they knew what the specific deity wanted, they could give it to that deity and would then get what they needed. Therefore, if the Rain God wanted a human sacrifice and a series of dances to make it rain, they would gladly give that God what he/she wanted. Of course, if it failed, they blamed themselves. They did it wrong and the God was still angry.

That may have seemed like a digression, but it really wasn’t. Usually my digressions help with the understanding. Which will probably be followed by another digression before I get to my point. But I promise. I will get there.




September 11, 2001. A date American will never forget. I lived in Great Neck, NY at the time. Three weeks prior to this date, I had back surgery in Manhattan and was recuperating. Meaning that as lying on my bed watching television because that was the only thing I was allowed to do, besides get up and walk around my apartment for five minutes every now and then.

I watched the attack, live as if unfolded. I cannot begin to tell you who how freaked out I was. I don’t need to. You no doubt, felt the same way.

One of my patients worked in one of the buildings and had been there when it had been attacked a few years before. Another patient’s husband was in finance and possibly in the area, as was my ex-husband. Of course it was impossible to reach anyone. You’ll remember the cell phones were all down.

It turned out that another of my patients had been there for a meeting and was just leaving when the plane hit. He watched the people jump or get blown out the windows.

Another two of my patients were on the Throgs Neck Bridge going on a vacation. They watched it unfold from the bridge. These things I found out later.


That afternoon I got a phone call from my neurosurgeon’s office, asking if I were coming in for my appointment the next day. 9/12. To say I was surprised would be an understatement, but I said I would if I could get into the city. It was three weeks since the surgery and I needed the follow up visit. His office was on Third Avenue and 33rd Street. At the Tisch Hospital Center I think.

By some miracle, The Long Island Railroad hadn’t been shut down yet. I have no idea why, but my husband and were able to take the train into Penn Stations. We got off the train about a quarter of 9 am, when Manhattan is usually bustling with people who are late for work. This day, the streets were deserted. The wind was blowing gently. Papers were floating around and the only people out were the street people who had nowhere else to go.

The usual noises of traffic were gone, replaced by sporadic sounds of sirens of every type of official vehicle that I could think of. The Police, the Fire Department, the Army, the National Guard. Those are the ones I think I remember.

We began to walk from Penn Station. From 7th Avenue and 34th Street over to the East side where the doctor’s office was.


As we turned around, on Sixth Avenue, we were able to look straight downtown without any obstructions. What we saw was billowing smoke rising up in what seemed to be a never ending stream of white. Whatever wind was blowing, was not coming in our direction. Fortunately we didn’t feel the smoke or smell the odors. Oddly enough, two days late, it was still burning and the stench came wafting into Great Neck. At least we were spared that day.

We saw the surgeon and he was satisfied with his work. I would not need to see him again. He showed me some stretches to do, and gave me instructions on how long I could sit up at any one time, how much to walk and all the things I needed to know so I’d be “whole” again. At least for my back. My mental state was not his area.

PTSD is said to affect people in different ways. One theory is that the closer the person was to the actual trauma, the more likely it was for them to experience the disorder. I hadn’t lost anyone personally. Yet, like everyone else in our country, I was frightened, angry and at a loss for what to feel. The expression I heard was that “I can’t wrap my head around it”. I felt that way for a very long time. I was afraid to go into Manhattan for a really long time. I was especially afraid of being on a train. I forced myself to go, but I was always aware of an undercurrent of anxiety. Two years later, I was able to retire and moved to Florida. I believe that I really wanted to get away from New York City, in particular. Many years have passed, but I still don’t like going into Manhattan. Before we left, my husband and I did to in to see the crater. Just another nightmare in a series of many.

I’ve come to understand why the Muslim radicals hate us. Our culture is so very different from theirs. If I were a Muslim man I would want my wife to know that she could have freedom. I’d be very happy with my ability to have total control. I get it. And, when I see our lack of morals, way of dressing, I am sometimes inclined to agree that we have gone a bit too far.


I also understand that they hit the World Trade Center to cripple our economy. They did a pretty good job of it, even still. Except we’ve forgotten how it began. And so, we blame Obama. Like it was his fault. Maybe had the previous presidents been more proactive we could have been on alert. I’ve learned that coulda, wouda, shoulda get me nowhere.


Which finally leads me back to Mr. Robot.

The hackers are going to cripple the economy by hacking into the most influential financial corporation which they all refer to as Evil Corp.

My first question is, do you remember who calls America “Evil”? Many of the Muslim countries. Yes?

The hackers in the show are seen as noble because they are trying to free the average person from their debts which have been incurred from credit cards, mortgages and banks. And of course they need a personal tag, so three of them lost their father’s due to a corporate cover-up by none other than Evil Corp.

If you’ve been reading my blog, I hate the banking industry, truly. However, in the TV show, they don’t seem to allow for any personal responsibility like spending money you don’t have, and getting into debt because you are/were irresponsible. All the blame is put on someone else. Well, that is actually one of the more true to life aspects of the show.



I did a little background research on Sam Esmail. He came up with the concept and then developed it. He managed to get it on USA without having done anything much before it. That’s a pretty big feat. I’m curious to know who his backers were. Anyway.

As per Wiki:

“According to Sam Esmail, he is fascinated by the hacker culture and wanted to make a film about it for around 15 years. In the production, Esmail consulted experts to give a realistic picture of hacking activities. Another inspiration for Esmail, who is of Egyptian descent, was the Arab Spring, where young people who were angry at society used social media to bring about a change”.

As per me, what the fuck?  As far as I can tell, the only thing the Arab Spring brought about was ISIS. And, that’s a good thing?

Mr. Esmail goes to great lengths to tell us that everything he shows in the series is possible. All the hacks into banks, the FBI, all have been done. Or at least, are possible.

This does not make me feel good. Nor does the fact of the idea to target the economic backbone of our society in order to bring about chaos. Somehow, this is not something I personally reassuring. It is also very reminiscent of 09/11. Or am I just paranoid?

A good deal of the time, I’m not even sure what’s going on because Elliot is out of his mind and the plot can be confusing.

What set me off was the last episode. Elliot’s dream of what the world would be like if he could be, well, normal?

The scene showed a long table in the middle of a deserted street in Manhattan, looking downtown. One by one, his family and friends come to the table and Elliot takes his seat at its head. He is facing downtown. And as looked around him happily, we watched as one building imploded upon itself, leaving a billowing of smoke.

This was what really set me off. It’s not this photo, but didn’t we see enough already?

I was horrified. No, it wasn’t the Towers. It was a smaller building, but, it was eerily reminiscent of the nightmare we lived through. And with my own experience of having seen it first hand, I was truly disgusted that something so similar would be shown.


Whether on purpose or by chance, it seems that Mr. Esmail is giving a blueprint for hackers and haters to destroy whatever they hate in order to leave the world in chaos. It’s a take what you want mentality, as seen when the sadistic Evil Corp Executive accidentally murders the wife of man who took the job he wanted. Talk about rough sex.

In the guise of entertainment, is Esmail using “social media” to bring about change? Is he using a television show to make these radical ideas acceptable? Is he advocating for a hacker revolution in the guise of entertainment? Or am I someone with PTSD who is a bit paranoid? Your guess is as good as mine.


All the other theories on line were related to the fantasy aspect of the show. I’m looking at it from the “Real World” in which I live.

At present, there are terror attacks happening, mostly in Europe, but we have had our share.

When is entertainment crossing the line? Even before the building collapsed, I had concerns about the politics of the show. You know, it reminded me of the time people got upset because of the fact that there were instructions on how to build a nuclear weapon online?

His questioning of what is real and what is in Elliot’s mind is a good one. Where does reality begin and where does insanity take over? Who in the audience watching this, is insane enough to attempt it? How many hackers out there are asking if it could be done? And if I’m not mistaken, hackers do love a challenge.

Of course, for real, I’ve no clue. And, maybe I’m as crazy as Elliot. Although I know I’m not. It’s also surprising that Elliot know he’s crazy. (His term, not mine). Most people who are delusional, paranoid and psychotic are not in the least bit aware of it. Just saying.


We Americans are very lucky. We have freedom of speech and limited censorship. Some exceptions are that we are not supposed to incite people to riot. We are not allowed to use our speech to promote hate and there is fine line between artistic expression and pornography. Okay. Those are our rights.

I don’t know where the show is going. I don’t have any idea what will happen. I just know that I don’t like the premise. It makes me nervous. I especially don’t like that Esmail keeps telling us this is all possible.



So, okay, Sam. Why?



Why Would anyone in their right mind call themselves “Ridiculous” ?


I was going to say that I don’t know why I started a blog, but then I remembered why.  I read Jenny Lawson’s book, Furiously Happy.  She has a blog and now she has two books, which I read.  I laughed so hard out loud because I couldn’t believe what I was reading. I tried to read some of it to my husband, but I couldn’t stop cracking up long enough for him to hear anything she’d written.

For those of you who don’t know her, she uses the term, if I remember correctly, mentally ill.  Anyway, as a psychologist who is also on meds for anxiety, depression and ADHD I was quite happy to see her “come out” if you will.

I used to tell my Introduction to Psychology course college students, that I was mentally ill, and my husband would get angry because he worries about me.

Hi. I’m Dr. G and I’m mentally ill.

” This class will be fun”. And actually, it was.  Oh that’s not me. I was only blonde once and it didn’t look well on my skin tone at all. So, I asked the girl to die it back to brown. I worked in a middle school then. The boys in my counseling groups, were, like, “why is your hair green?”  Well, there’s just no good answer for that. (because that’s what happened when she died it brown)? Well, no good, funny answer that I wouldn’t have been fired for. Last digression. Sorry.


This is ironic because when I lose my train of thought, I tell people it fell off the tracks.

Anyway, all of this is one of my usual digressions. I knew that I was no where near as funny as she, nor did I have the whacko stories she had. However, I did have lots of experience and knowledge that I wanted to share. And so I set out to figure out how to set up a blog.

I have no idea why this was under digressions, but I love pin ups.



I didn’t want to use my full, real name. I am after all, mentally ill and like most people, slightly paranoid. So, I thought that Dr. G was a good start.

The theories part was easy too. I can make up a reason for anything. I have been doing that, well, I can remember my first boyfriend saying something to me about it when I was 18. When I did what he thought was creating a theory that he thought was stupid, he would say “helicopter” so no one would no, except me, would know what he was referring to. I can’t remember the story, but I said something about helicopters that he thought was, let’s wait for it, probably ridiculous. And so he latched on to that word to stand for my being, ——–ridiculous.

There is nothing simple about logic. Trust me. I was supposed to teach critical thinking and I was so confused that we watched movies half the time.

Well, I don’t know about you, but I don’t like being thought of, or being called stupid. Ridiculous is in the same ball park only in some ways it’s worse. Like, if you don’t have intelligence, you may well be, and I hate the word, so I’ll say, not smart. So if you say something, and you don’t know any better and shouldn’t be judged on it. That’s just plain mean.

Ridiculous implies something more. Like stupid, foolish, outlandish and you should know better. Therefore, if I were called ridiculous, I’d be hurt and embarrassed.

All these years later, I have a slightly different perspective. At least I thought I did. However, I found that sometimes I’m afraid to tell people I know about the blog because if they do look at it, they’ll think I’m

  • stupid
  • ridiculous
  • nuts
  • paranoid
  • all over the place
  • moronic
  • grammatically incorrect
  • etc.

So, I am still apparently embarrassed by my ideas. Posting them on a blog, where people wouldn’t know me, well that’s okay then. Isn’t it? Because if I don’t know you and you don’t know me, who cares?

And so, I chose the word “Ridiculous” because it gave me license to be foolish, irreverent, crazy, real, and most of all, me, without the judgement.

that is not me. she’s a famous woman, maybe designer and she’s near 90. pretty cool.

So that’s it. I am a ridiculous woman. I am also an intelligent, attractive, older, wise, daring, wild, shy, married, funny, cynical, irreverent, artistic, creative, frightened, enlightened and not totally adjective challenged person, who is willing to put herself out there.

And that is why the blog is called Dr. G’s Ridiculous Theories.

PS. I have so many pseudonyms on line that I may develop multiple personality disorder. I’d say you’ll know if it happens, but if I won’t know, how would you? hmm. Something else to think about. That’s it.

                                 Thanks for Reading.



Title: A Blog without a theme is like a ship without a rudder. When I first started blogging, I had no idea what I was in for. I had no idea what I was doing. Not that I do now, but that should be fairly evident. I still like writing but the idea of the Blog’s name is really broad. Is that a good thing or a very bad thing?


My latest ridiculous theory:

A blog is supposed to have a unified theme and a target audience. However, you can still be successful, even if you don’t.



If you don’t have a unified theme and a target audience for your blog you can still find followers.


I have no idea what I’m talking about but believe you will find me and follow me anyway.

Research design:

Right now, I’m blowing in your virtual ears. You know that old saying, “Blow in my ear and I’ll follow you anywhere”? It’s from Dick Martin and the show was Laugh In. For you young’uns, it was something totally out of the box for the time. Not just the TV box. And here I go again. With yet another digression. [Maybe I should change the name to just another digression].

I don’t actually do research for most of my posts, because, well, they are so silly there isn’t any research. Or if there is, I’m too lazy because I hate research.

The reason for this section is simple. In one of my attempts to organize the blog, I decided that if it had a consistent template, that would help. Except that 80% of the time, I have no research design and sometimes, not even any facts. So now, I’m blowing smoke in your ears.

I would possibly have facts in the form of actual feedback from you, the reader. That’s why I am posting this blog in two places now, instead of just the one on Google where attempts to comment are mysteriously vanished into thin air when you press a button. Only two people were able to post there and I’ve no idea why, although Len has a theory. Go Len!


I now, write this on Word and paste in into each blog. Then, I have to find pictures and put them in one blog, and then copy them into the other.

If that weren’t enough, I was directed by WordPress to FB who wanted me to make an app. Somehow, shockingly, I couldn’t figure out how. Miraculously though it made a Dr. G’s Ridiculous etc. page on Facebook.

So, I now have three places to annoy people. I do apologize for that. If I could figure out one hosting site that did all the things I want, I could keep it to just one. And that was another digression. Damn. I guess my meds didn’t kick in yet.


This blogger has found that she is directionless. Only in my writing. I do lots of other things when I’m not sitting here.

I may not have a lot of followers, but according to Google + I’ve had over 54,000, I guess you could call them hits, on the blog, {or maybe it’s just my Google+ page, I don’t know,} which has been up since October 2016. I just did the math. With a calculator which unless I’m really off, would be 5 thousand a month? Is that possible? And I have over 30 actual followers.


Anyway. I think some of it is due to my posting pictures on one of Googles photography groups, which are thankfully amateurs like me so I don’t feel intimidated to put things up. Another digression. Even so, if someone has looked they have not stayed.

So, how does one get people to stay? That sounded pathetic. Like, I love him so much and he just won’t commit. Oh, Abbey, how do I get him to stay and say he loves me? And no. It’s 8:30 am and I am sober.




What I need to know, is what direction you would like me to take.


Maybe a different theme each week? (I’m so proud, I thought of that just now on my own). Maybe I could have a suggestion list from readers and write about them. The suggestions, not the readers. I’m not that dumb (yet).

Therefore. I conclude that it is your duty as my friend, acquaintance, relative, neighbor, associate, member of Facebook or the human race, to write to me with your opinions.


I did not use my actual name because I wanted some level of anonymity but my real email is unfortunately associated with the WordPress blog. And I couldn’t change it. So there. You have no more excuses. You can write comments and suggestions on very own website @


Dr. G’s Ridiculous Theories on BlogSpot although you’ll have to email them to me at

Or now

On Dr. G’s Ridiculous Theories Facebook page. You can do all the things you can do on FB. I think.

So. No more excuses. I appreciate all the thumbs up, but it’s not enough. When I go to the photography community, I don’t just like many of the pictures. I write a comment because I know that makes it more personal and the photographer gets to feel validated in a special way. And don’t we all want to feel special?

I do the same thing on FB when I have the time which is getting harder lately.

I know we all are, but sometimes it’s really nice to hear it from someone other than you family.



Thanks for reading.