Will it or Won’t it?

As always happens, something goes wrong with a website on my computer.

This one has been going on since, maybe September?

This webpage was slammed with over 17,000 comments.

sorry. I just had to put the clothes in the drier. I have gone totally hog wild. I just washed things that should not be washed together and I don’t care! That’s how bad things have gotten.


Anyway, I got back here and had to hand delete all the comments.  Yeah. I did. Then, I called support and was sent an email on how to fix the problem. Which, I did partially. I could get back on here, but still, comments disabled. Kind of like me when it comes to tech.

So, I called again this morning. A month later. And, he sent me another email, they are sooo helpful, and I finally figured out what to do. I do not know if it works.

My question to the Word Press people/tech is.  When you have me on the phone, you offhandedly say, we can walk you through it, and then, quickly say, I’m shooting you an email. If you have trouble setting it up, you can call 24/7 and we can walk you through it.


Heloo. I’m on the phone with you NOW. Why not wait and see if I can do it or need help? img_4439

okay. enough complaining. Comments related to the blog only. Please. Or I will have to cancel this one and I really, really like having a domain name.

That’s all folks.

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