I had to stop posting since there was a problem with sabotage. I had 17 thousand spaments. ( My word for comments that were really spam).

I hope it’s fixed so I can get back here and voice my humble opinions.

The election is over and yet no one has stopped complaining, digging up new dirt, questioning the future and anything else you can imagine.

WHY?                  Theories:


1) There is nothing else going on in the world that needs to be reported on because it’s not important.

Teen in Utah school stabbings booked on attempted murder


2) Trump insulted the “liberal media” so often that he hurt their feelings and they are going to keep slamming him, because they can.

3) All “media” likes to scare the “people”,( that would be us), so they keep  writing scenarios of what ifs. Like anyone knows.

4) People are having election withdrawal. After such a long time they became junkies and are still in need of their fix.

5) Our country is so divided that we’ve forgotten that we are one country.

I could go on, as you already know. I’ll stop here.  Am I happy with the outcome? No. Do I want to keep complaining and hearing about it?

Also, no.  Do I want to hear my friends gloat? No thank you.

Do I want to hear pundit opinions about the future?  No.

I would like the regular media and the social media to move on.

Please. GET OVER IT!!


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